AXTEC | Your solution to axle weight problems

your solution to axle weight problems


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Image of an onboard system attached to a dashboard looking out to a HGV

OnBoard Axle Load Indicator

Axtec OnBoard weighing systems or axle load indicators solve this problem, constantly displaying axle and gross weights throughout the day, enabling drivers to distribute their loads safely and legally at all times.

Image of a dynamic system, where the vehicle drives over the weighbridge

Dynamic Axle Weighbridge

The Axtec dynamic axle weighbridge is the most accurate in the world.

Image of a portable system, underneath a wheel of a vehicle

Portable Weighpads

Lightweight, low-profile, reliable and easy-to use portable weighpads provide the solution for checking vehicle weights at various locations, or for driver training.

image of a static system, where the vehicle drives onto the weighbridge and stays stationary

Static Single Axle Weighbridge

Axtec's Static Single Axle Weighbridge is purpose-designed so operators of 2-axle vehicles run at maximum weight whilst remaining legal and safe.