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your solution to axle weight problems

DVSA Commits to Four More Years With Axtec

Image of the Axtec test vehicle with our test weights in the foreground.

Axle weighing specialist Axtec has once again secured a four-year contract to maintain and certify the DVSA’s network of 55 roadside enforcement weighbridges, located throughout the UK.

The Runcorn-based company has held the DVSA contract for the past 20 years during which time it has dramatically improved the efficiency of routine maintenance and calibration, while significantly reducing downtime across the network. Despite the repeat success, Axtec was subject to a rigorous pre-contract examination before being rewarded with the contract win. Unsurprisingly, the contract incorporates strict time limits, enforced by heavy penalties. Nonetheless, Axtec boasts that it has not had to pay a single penalty in the 20 years following its first DVSA contract win.

Under the contract, routine maintenance and calibration will be undertaken using Axtec’s unique weighbridge test vehicle; first commissioned in 1997, and currently hauled by a DAF XF 105 Super Space Cab. This unique truck and trailer combination replaces the roles previously carried out by four separate vehicles – signalling a significant improvement in speed and efficiency.

The Axtec test vehicle is also used for emergency repair work at night or weekends, enabling repair and re-certification to be completed quickly and within contract deadlines. The contract also includes regular level surveys to certify the flat weighbridge approaches are within the stringent limits specified by law. Any remedial work is completed by Axtec’s own in-house construction team.

Axtec Managing Director, Keith Gresham, said, “Winning this contract for the fifth consecutive time is a ringing endorsement of the quality, speed and effectiveness of our service and a great way to mark our 25th anniversary as a business.

“Combined with the skill and commitment of our team,” he said, “good management has been a vital part of our success, and DVSA have asked us to develop ways of reducing costs further, without compromising service standards, to deliver even better value for the taxpayer during the course of the new contract.”

He went on, “Under this contract we have had to maintain a variety of different systems. This experience has given us the ability to maintain any axle weighbridge to a very high standard.

Our capabilities in this area, including our unique test vehicle, are available to operators throughout the UK. “Nowadays,” he added, “most of the DVSA network uses Axtec Dynamic Weighbridges. This is the most accurate dynamic axle weighing system in the world and holds two approval certificates; one for accuracy to within 0.5% and the other to within 0.25%.”